What we are doing

Scotland’s first Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy brought together local government, civic society, and a range of experts to consider what it will take put local democracy at the heart of Scotland’s future.  It reported in August 2014.

We believe that our work was innovative and was breaking the mould.  Our aim was to put communities in control of their own future.

Across Scotland, we are witnessing a growing appetite across Scotland for this kind of new thinking.   The Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy was Scotland’s first chance to look at what better democracy means for government at all levels, maximise the benefit of local services and accountability in modern Scotland, and debate the kind of system needed to deliver our vision for the future.

That deep thinking is important because much of the debate about Scotland’s future is still to think these issues through.   The Commission was therefore committed to looking at the evidence and for the first time bringing people together with a common resolve to make recommendations for the future.