Listening to the evidence

The Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy is putting the evidence at the heart of its work.   One of the ways in which we have done this is through a series of panel sessions that took place between January and March 2014.

We organised these discussions so that we heard first hand about what people and organisations think about local democracy in Scotland at the moment, and what might be achieved in the future.   We also used these sessions to follow up and explore the evidence that we received as part of our initial call for evidence.

The panel sessions involved commission members and people or organisations coming together at small ‘round table’ events to discuss the issues and share knowledge and perspectives.  Every session was designed around a theme.  This allowed the Commission to cover a range of topics, but wasn’t intended to restrict discussion on other issues which the group deemed to be relevant.

You can watch these sessions again by clicking on the title below:


27/03/2014: Local Democracy in Scotland and Europe (1200 – 1400)


26/03/2014: Digital Democracy  (1100 – 1300)


25/02/2014: Economy, jobs and growth (1300 – 1500)


 20/02/2014: Achieving better outcomes for communities (1000 – 1230)


 14/02/2014: Improvement, Effectiveness and Value (1300 – 1600)


11/02/2014: Local democracy in UK context (1030 – 1230)


07/02/2014: A Workforce for the Future (1030 – 1300)


06/02/2014: Local Financial control and resources (1330 – 1600)


05/02/2014: Partnership and Integration (1100 – 1300)


22/01/2014: Scotland’s Political Parties and local democracy (1000-1200)


17/01/2014: Rights, fairness and inequality (1300 – 1530)


16/01/2014: Local Empowerment, Participation & Community Capacity (1300 – 1530)


10/01/2014: Governance and democratic accountability (1400 – 1630) -we  apologise for the poor sound quality of this webcast