3 March: Voluntary Action Scotland

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On 3rd of March 2014, 21 Chief Officers of Third Sector Interfaces from across Scotland met in Glasgow for a facilitated forum on how to strengthen local democracy in Scotland.
Strengthening local democracy in Scotland: The Community Councils’ perspective

Download a copy of the report

Table facilitators were recruited from amongst the participants, and provided with a brief. The draft report was sent to all participants for feedback before being sent to the Commission.

The forum comprised three sessions, each including group work and plenary deliberation, and organised around three questions:

  • What is the Third Sector’s vision for local democracy?
  • What are the current problems and challenges?
  • What are the potential solutions and reforms?

The full report from the sessions can be downloaded here:

Strengthening local democracy in Scotland: The Third Sector Interface perspective



You can also get a flavour of the issues that were discussed by watching short interviews with people that took part.

How does getting people involved in producing their own services enhance local democracy? Ian Bruce from Inverclyde CVS talks about the real meaning of co-production and how real local democracy means local control.

What’s so good about local democracy? Is making things geographically local the best way to represent communities? Mhairi Wylie of Highland Third Sector Interface talks to the Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy.