3 March: Glasgow Disability Alliance

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On 3rd of March 2014, members of Glasgow Disability Alliance’s Drivers for Change network got together at Calton Heritage & Learning Centre in Glasgow for a discussion about local democracy.

The discussion was chaired by Commission member Pam Duncan.  There was  a short presentation on what the commission is, what it is proposing, and what it will do. This was followed by round table discussions in small groups.

Over about 2 hours the group of around 20 people discussed a number of questions, including:

Click on the icon to download a copy of the report

Click on the icon to download a copy of the report

• Is it better to take decisions nationally or locally – does it matter?

• Are there some things that shouldn’t be decided locally, or done differently from one place to another – if so, what?

• What is the relationship between local democracy and accountability, and, is it clear who is responsible for what?

• How do disabled people participate in and influence decisions?

• Are there barriers to disabled people’s participation, and if so, what?

• Who represents disabled people?

• What empowers disabled people to take control of their own lives and influence decisions ?


Download a copy of the report: Glasgow Disability Alliance Event